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Rob O's Profile Picture.
Name: MC Rob O
Age: 20
Location :
Hull, East Yorkshire, England
Myspace Link : www.myspace.com/mcroboundergroundfm
Bebo Link: N/A

 A Little About Me...

hold tight its me myself the MC Rob-O undergrounds >one n only. 19rs old, im one of the founders of the origional pirate >station undergroundfm 105.8/107.3 all those years back now im goin at it >the legal way. bin MC'in for bout 5 years live in hull but work away, >always changin my style n lookin for new insperation. mainly into drum n >bass but i'll chat to anythin with a beat as long as its deep dark n dirty. >main influences are skibadee,shaba as ne one whose heared me can prbably >tell. nuff bout me check the stats. "peace"


Star Sign : leo/cancer im on the border
Sexuality : Straight
Status : in relationship
Profession : its a weird one youll never guess
Cigarettes : iplenty
Alcohol : of course
Perfect Partner : im with her
Makes Me Happy : time off work, pay day
Makes Me Sad : lthe above not hapanin
Bad Habits : too many too list
Interests : cars bikes anythin wit an engine


Race : white english
Hair : browny blondy combo
Eyes : blue
Height : 6ft
Size : ?
Weight : 12 stone its all muscle baby
Body Type : athletic