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Cronik's Profile Picture.
Name: MC Cronik
Age: 19
Location :
Hull, East Yorkshire, England
Myspace Link : www.myspace.com/mccronik
Bebo Link: N/A

 A Little About Me...

I'm Reedy i had recently joined with the underground crew and its going from strength
to strength i consider my self as a versatile Mc ,i Mc to-Hardcore/Hard house/garage/
hip hop/speed garage/drum'n'bass even chill out beats to release my mind,I'm 1 of a kind....


Star Sign : Aquarius
Sexuality : Straight
Status : Single
Profession : MC
Cigarettes : Yes Lots of
Alcohol : Plenty
Perfect Partner : ilauren laverne
Makes Me Happy : Choones/composing
Makes Me Sad : Not Doing the Abuv
Bad Habits : Nocking Drinks Over
Interests : Composing/MC


Race : white english
Hair : Brown (noel gallagher style)
Eyes : Brown
Height : 5 ft 10 on average
Size : Middle Weight
Weight : 11 Stone
Body Type : Middle Weight (AGEN!)