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Benny Badger's Profile Picture.
Name: Benny Badger
Age: 23
Location :
Hull, East Yorkshire, England
Myspace Link : www.Myspace.com/bennybadger
Bebo Link: N/A

 A Little About Me...

     My name is Benny Badger, along side Chris D & Wifi I am another one of underground Fm's DJ/Presenter's. Mixing All Sorts From Electro, Cheesy Trance, Garage, Hardcore and what ever I'm in the mood for. Including all those silly tracks that badgers just have to play

Star Sign : Pisces
Sexuality : Straight
Status : Single
Profession : None
Cigarettes : Yes i smoke
Alcohol : Yes i drink
Perfect Partner : pamela anderson
Makes Me Happy : take a wild guess
Makes Me Sad : Things that are upsetting obviously
Bad Habits : Getting up in the afternoon
Interests : Music, Dj' in, Mate's & Getting SHIT FACED


Race : British / White
Hair : Ginger   (ha ha)
Eyes : Brown
Height : 5' 3 " (160 cm)
Size : 30
Weight : 10 St
Body Type : Average