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Hull, East Yorkshire,England
Underground Hard Dance Music
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Welcome To Underground FM.
The UK's Finest In Underground Dance Music.

Hello there and welcome to the official Underground FM home page. lets take a short while getting to know a little about us & our history.

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Underground FM started off as a pirate radio station, broadcasting on the frequency 107.3 to Hull & its close surrounding area's in East Yorkshire. The word spread extremely quick and this became a regular weekend thing for a few buddy's, what was origionaly having a cheap weekend in with a few cans of beer and a bit of a mix up on the deck's. as time went on more people joined the band wagon including a few firly big name DJ's of the Hull Area, Thanks to one of members who had a little over average computer skills and took the time to build us a nice fancy web site and become legal internet radio station that specialized in Underground Dance Music.

Due to a couple of circumstances Underground FM isn't broadcasting in the hull area no longer & are only live on the internet.